We are wholesalers, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We have a large range of products we can offer you, such as:

* Stationery - whole range

* Party and catering products, including printed balloons, and so on  NEW is Heart Shaped Balloons 31cm

* Toy, beach, sports range

* Giftware all types

* Bags of all types, clothing, hats, caps and much more

* Promotional products including unprinted or printed - full range of products

* Home ware

* Hardware  - for self drilling screws

* Packaging including resealable, and plastic bags

and much much more.

We are updating this site regularly, please check on updates. Please also visit  www.wholesaleagencies.com.au/shop for 1000's of products.

Exports - please enquire, as we have export prices. We have also included in the Go Shopping US$ and other Pacific currencies.

Our payment terms are shown on the payment page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.